Letter from the President


MTEMC Members:

Middle Tennessee Electric has been investing in technology to modernize the grid for decades. The terms grid modernization, advanced metering infrastructure, and smart grid or smart meters, all speak to the same concept of improving the quality and efficiency of the electric systems that serve our members.

Our role in providing the advanced metering portion of grid modernization, so far, has been to watch and learn. That's something we have done intentionally. We wanted to make sure the time was right, the technology was proven, and that costs came down before we invested money and resources toward this effort.

We are convinced the time is right to take the next step, and in doing so we promise you three things; we've done our homework, the technology is safe, and we will protect our member's data. Like you, we are members, homeowners, families, and business people, so you can be sure these promises are ones we are focused on keeping.

We've taken our time to research this technology and observed implementations by other utilities, learning many lessons. We are prepared and confident to deliver this technology to our members. The technologies we select and deploy will be safe and tested by your cooperative and independent agencies. In doing so, we are ensuring your data is safe. We have always protected our member's information and this technology will not impact that ongoing commitment.

Additionally, this technology will pinpoint outages, allowing us to respond faster and improve reliability. In the future this technology will serve as the platform to deliver improved programs and services that empower our members with information to make informed decisions on their electricity use.

We are excited about this next step in providing affordable, reliable, safe electricity and outstanding member service to you.


Chris Jones
Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation