Additional AMI Resources

MTEMC is committed to the safety and security of its members. As such, we wanted to share some important information about our policies.

MTEMC is fully committed to the safety and security of all of its members and takes great pride in its best practices in these areas. This document was developed to help familiarize MTEMC members with some of these practices.

Employee Training
All MTEMC employees are trained to handle both physical and IT security-related issues. From our lineman to our meter installers, employees are well versed in:

  • Identification
  • Dress code and safety gear
  • Customer data information and privacy
  • Customer respect
  • Rapid situation or challenge response
  • Emergency response

Protection of Customer Data and Information
MTEMC follows industry standards around data collection and systems security. We continuously are upgrading our systems and cyber security standards and are dedicated to adhering to government and industry standards in these areas.

MTEMC provides regular training to employees, members, and the community concerning safety around electricity in the home, school, or business environment.

Be Diligent
For your safety and security, when the installer arrives at your home or business please keep in mind:

  • The installer truck has an MTEMC logo on it.
  • The installer is wearing clothing that is co-branded MTEMC and UPA.
  • The installer has printed information available for you.
  • The installer has a co-branded MTEMC and UPA ID.
  • You do not give any money or personal information to installer.
  • Please note that unless your meter access is inside the interior of your home or business, there is no reason for installer to enter.

Safety of Advanced Metering Technology
Advanced metering technology leverages low amounts of radio frequency (RF) to enhance wireless communications. MTEMC has thoroughly explored the safety of its advanced meters and confers with Federal and International health organizations' guidelines for security standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have all verified the safety and security of RF technology used in advanced meters.

Food and Drug Administration
Federal Communications Commission Letter
World Health Organization

Here are some additional safety facts about advanced meters:

  • Advanced meters are digital meters that have been widely used since the 1980s. The new development is a small 1-watt radio that allows two-way communication between the member and MTEMC. This will help the utility recognize and respond to outages remotely.
  • The amount of RF in your advanced meter is exponentially less than other common appliances in your home.
  • Other RF devices in your home include your cell phone, cordless phone, garage door opener, microwave oven, and even baby monitors.