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Middle Tennessee Electric, a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative has taken another step in becoming the trusted energy advisor in the valley with the construction of its first Cooperative Solar project in College Grove, Tenn.

The one-megawatt array construction was completed in November 2016, and is currently generating solar power that is being put back on the grid.

The Cooperative Solar Project provides access to members who might otherwise be excluded from owning and installing their own solar electricity generation. Obstacles like improper roof orientation, excessive roof shading, restrictive subdivision covenants or landlord prohibitions are often barriers homeowners and renters who want to install solar systems run into.

MTEMC residential members can to participate in the program for a monthly program fee of $20 per energy block, which will allow members access to the equivalent amount of generated capacity of approximately five solar panels. In some months, generated capacity may be less than the monthly participation cost, and in some it may exceed that cost; members will see the monthly participation fee as well as their portion of the equivalent generation on their monthly bill.

Cooperative Solar Advantages

  • Middle Tennessee Electric operates and maintains the facility
  • Economies of scale bring costs down
  • No holes in your roof
  • No solar siting issues (roof direction, shading, etc.)
  • Renters can participate
  • Homeowners under restrictive covenants can participate

For more information on Middle Tennessee Electric’s Cooperative Solar project, or to be added to the waiting list to participate, click here.

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