MTEMC's Operation Round Up purchases computers for College Grove Senior Center

news image (From L to R) College Grove Senior Enrichment Center attendees Mary Ann Smith and Vivian Skinner help each other in their computer class taught at the facility.

Middle Tennessee Electric's Customers Care has donated $5,075 of Operation Round Up funds to the College Grove Senior Enrichment Center to buy new computers.

Mary Ann Smith, a six-year attendee of the facility, is taking a computer course at the center and is appreciative of the donation. "This means a lot to the computer class because this allows us to have the opportunity to learn new things," Smith said. "Once you retire, it becomes increasingly harder to continue educating yourself with today's technology. This donation allows us to continue feeding our minds with new information, and we are all so very grateful."

Senior Citizens, Inc., is the agency that provides continuing education programs at the facility along with providing other facets of support to senior citizens in the community. Most members are 55 and older, but SCI encourages all ages to take advantage of their acitivities.

Since Operation Round Up began in November, the program has distributed nearly $100,000 back into Middle Tennessee Electric's communities. The initiative "rounds up" members' bills to the next highest dollar, with that extra change set aside for worthy causes. It is the responsibility of the Customers Care Board, which is composed of seven MTEMC members, to evaluate grant requests and send the money back into the communities Middle Tennessee Electric serves.

Incoming contributions are tracked by county so that the Customers Care Board can do its best to ensure money contributed by members in a certain county goes to that county. Any balances will be carried over each month.

For more information about Customers Care and Operation Round Up, call 890-9762.

Posted on May 11, 2004.


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