MTEMC can help you meet your 2002 financial resolutions

So, you've resolved for the new year to get your financial house in order. You might not expect your electric cooperative to be a place to help you follow through on such a resolution, but it is. As a member of Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, you can take advantage of several services to get you on the right track.

Levelized Billing

One of the more difficult aspects of budgeting can be setting aside money for expenses you know are coming, but you're unsure of how much they will be -like your electric bill.

MTEMC has the answer. It's called levelized billing. Middle Tennessee Electric averages your electric bills over a 12-month period. It brings the highest bills down and the lowest bills up to nearly the same amount each month. That allows you to plug a relatively consistent figure into your budget.

The bill might vary slightly month to month, but the figure never varies more than 10 percent

Bank Draft

Middle Tennessee Electric's bank draft service can give you some extra peace of mind. Bank draft allows you to pay your account by a monthly electronic transaction from your bank to MTEMC.

Bank draft saves you the cost and time of mailing your payment or driving to an MTEMC office. It also removes the worry of determining when the amount would be withdrawn from your account. With bank draft, it's drawn on your monthly due date every time. Bank draft is another free service offered by your cooperative. A number of MTEMC members take advantage of letting us and your bank do the work for you. Since introducing bank draft in the early 1990s, participation by members has increased about 300 percent.

Project Help

An often overlooked facet of getting your financial house in order is giving. Setting aside part of what you earn on a regular basis for giving keeps things in perspective. By including Middle Tennessee Electric's Project Help program in your budget, you can be sure your giving is going to a place it's needed. The program is designed to help defray emergency energy costs for elderly and disabled members as well as those who are not economically self-sufficient.

Customers may contribute $1 or more per month on their electric bill for Project Help. The money collected is sent to an independent agency to determine who should receive these special funds. Recipients may only receive funds once a year, and the decision is left totally to the selection of the agency. The Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency is the entity for Rutherford, Williamson and Wilson counties. Cannon County recipients receive funds and approval through the Cannon County Senior Citizens agency.

Energy incentives

If you're looking to whittle down the cost of your electric bill, there's just one way - use less electricity. Middle Tennessee Electric, with the help of Tennessee Valley Authority, has a number of ways to help you do that.

From cash incentives to help you replace your water heater with a more energy efficient water heater to building a new, energy-efficient home through the MTEMC and TVA energy rightŪ Program, there are a number of ways the cooperative can help you enjoy all the benefits of electricity at the lowest possible cost to you.

Take a look at TVA's energy right web site at for more information.

Posted on January 7, 2002.


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