Facts and figures

MTEMC is the sixth largest electrical distribution cooperative in the country and easily the largest in the state.

MTEMC distributes more electricity than all but one other U.S. cooperative. (Click here to see how MTEMC distributes electricity.)

MTEMC members pay less interest on borrowed money than do members of almost all other cooperatives in the United States.

MTEMC’s administrative costs are among the lowest in the nation.

MTEMC’s operational costs (costs after power is purchased from TVA) are among the lowest in the nation.

MTEMC's member-to-employee ratio, or the number of members for every person employed, is among the highest of any electric co-op in the country.

Three of Tennessee's top five fastest growing counties are in the MTEMC service area - Rutherford, Williamson and Wilson - according to the U.S. Census Department.



Fiscal 2015 statistical overview  
Number of members served
Total miles of line energized
Number of distribution substations
System electrical demand in kilowatts
Total kilowatt-hours purchased by MTEMC
Cost of power
Total kilowatt-hours used by all members
Total electric revenue
Uncollectible accounts
*Times Interest Earning Ratio (TIER)
Percent of line loss
Average cost per kilowatt hour purchased power
7.58 cents
Average cost per kilowatt hour to member
9.49 cents
Average monthly residential electric bill
Plant investment per service
Number of employees
Member to employee ratio
*The ability of MTEMC to pay interest on its debt is determined by this ratio. MTEMC can pay interest on its long-term debt 5.31 times.