Vegetation Management

The first thing you, as a member, should know about MTEMC's tree trimming program is that we have trained specialists in place to address any tree trimming issue. Call (877) 414-7685.

Did you know?...
  1. Trees cause 80 percent of power outages.
  2. Your tree could knock out power to hundreds of your fellow members.
  3. MTEMC has a legal and moral responsibility to keep power on for all members and to keep lines clear of trees for safety's sake and reliability. 
  4. MTEMC's tree trimming methods are approved by arborists.
  5. MTEMC is willing to replace trees in members' yards if the trees are too near power lines.
  6. MTEMC has a designated phone number for tree trimming issues - (877) 414-7685.

Click here for answers to common questions about tree trimming.

What our Trimmers Do
Middle Tennessee Electric's tree trimming crews follow the guidelines of urban foresters and experts from the National Arborist Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.

Tree Replacement
If it becomes necessary to remove a problem tree on residential property, a replacement tree may be provided free of charge. Middle Tennessee Electric recommends the following trees for replacement of a removed tree. They are all proven performers for our area and, when properly planted, will not interfere with the power lines.

Trees appropriate for planting in/near Rights-of-Way
When planning landscaping, it should be understood that some trees have no place near power line rights-of-way or underground electric equipment. Some other tree types however, can be safely planted within and near rights-of-way. MTEMC has a list of recommendations.

Right-of-Way Specialists and Certified Arborists

If you have questions about tree trimming, MTEMC has trained people in place to help you. They are certified arborists whom we call Right-of-Way Specialists and Construction Arborists. They are familiar with a wide variety of tree species and proper tree trimming practices, and they coordinate our actual tree trimming efforts performed by the contractors we hire throughout our service area. But most importantly, they're here to serve you.

Michael Johnson
Certified Arborist

Terry McPeak
Certified Arborist

Stan Frazier
Certified Arborist

Jonathan Mcpherson
Certified Arborist

 For any information about MTEMC's tree trimming efforts, call (877) 414-7685 or e-mail