Your Account

Your electric cooperative provides a number of tools to help you manage your account.

My Account
For detailed information on your personal account including your current bill, billing and payment history.

How to read your bill
This diagram of an MTEMC bill explains bill terms in an easy-to-understand way.

Up-to-date information about your cooperative's electric rates and charges.

How to read your electric meter
A brief and simple explanation with helpful images of how to read your meter.

Request service
Start, stop or transfer your electric service.

Ways to pay
You have a number of options for bill payment, and they're all listed here.

How to get bill payment assistance
Members in truly needy situations have a number of options for payment help.

Ways to save
Check out some ways to save money on your bill.

Harmony Bill Pay
A program to help senior and disabled members.

Life Support
Members dependent upon life-support equipment can get special consideration.