The MTEMC bill payment system that accepts credit cards will be down for maintenance beginning Saturday, Dec. 3 at midnight. The system will be able to accept payments again Sunday, Dec. 4 at noon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Requesting service on-line

If your service request needs to be completed within 2 business days, please do not use these forms. Call 877-777-9020.

Start Request

Click here to send a request for MTEMC to Start Service at your home.

Stop Request
Click here to send a request for MTEMC to Stop Service at your home.

Transfer Request
Click here to send a request for MTEMC to Transfer Service to a new address.


Deposit requirements to start service:

  • MTEMC requires up to a $300 deposit in cash, cashier's check, money order or credit/debit card from applicants depending upon a credit evaluation through a third-party source -- ONLINE Utility Exchange.
  • MTEMC pays interest on deposits annually at the first of the year. Any interest earned would appear as a credit on the bill.

Reconnection Fees & Policy:

  • If your electricity has been disconnected because of non-payment of a past due bill, the past due balance must be paid in full before your service can be restored.
  • MTEMC does not guarantee same-day reconnection service (regardless of the time payment is received). Upon receiving payment, services may not be restored until the next business day.
  • If your power is disconnected, a $80 reconnection fee will be required before service is restored. An additional deposit may also be required.