Ways to Save

Savings tips
Have a look at some easy-to-implement savings ideas for summer and for winter…most of which work year round!

Warm weather savings tips.

Cool weather savings tips.

Bank draft

This is the easiest and most economical way to pay your bill - for you and your cooperative. The amount of your bill is automatically deducted from your checking account on your bill's due date. You still receive a bill so you can maintain records, but you'll never have to worry about getting in your electric bill on time again. Click here to sign up for Bank Draft online.

Levelized billing

This service is available to residential members who want to average their electric bills over a 12-month period. It brings the highest bills down and the lowest bills up to nearly the same amount each month. Qualifying members must have 13 consecutive months of service with MTEMC (required in order to build the average). Contact a member service representative at 1-877-777-9020 and sign up today.