Residential Service Agreement

The undersigned hereby makes application for electric service and agrees to pay for said service as measured by Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation's metering devices in accordance with the applicable rates and charges as specified in MTEMC's rate schedule. The member agrees to allow right of access to MTEMC's agent on the member's premises at all reasonable times and for necessary purposes. Member assumes responsibility of service beginning from connection date or until MTEMC is properly notified of cancellation of service. Member understands all billings rendered by MTEMC shall be due and payable as per the bill. Failure to receive a bill does not release member from payment obligations. The member shall pay all collections expenses, attorney fees and court costs if payment is delinquent due to fraud, default, or failure to perform the obligations incurred as set forth in this agreement. It is agreed by the member and MTEMC that this contract shall apply to the original address of the member and to all future addresses of the member. Information submitted to MTEMC in this service agreement is correct and true to the best of the member's knowledge and belief.


SharingChange is MTEMC’s charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to give back to the communities we serve.

Funds are donated by MTEMC members like you, and 100% of the donations goes to local charities and organizations such as Empower Me Daycamp in Lebanon and Project Healing Waters. Since 2003, Middle Tennessee Electric’s charitable foundations have distributed more than $8 million to more than 550 local organizations.

A group of seven members represent MTEMC's service area serve as the foundation's board. This board makes decisions about disbursements for grant requests. The board members are Bill Brown and Joan Wherley from Williamson County, Mike Waller and Carolyn Peebles from Rutherford County, Becky Vassar from Cannon County and Dot Maxey and Doretha Wright from Wilson County.

SharingChange also has partnerships with community help organizations to distribute funds that assist people who, because of hardship, are unable to pay their electric bills.

For more information on SharingChange, or to sign up, simply click this link:

It’s absolutely the easiest good thing, you’ll ever do!


With an approved MTEMC Life Support Program – Medical Necessity Form, disconnection of service will be postponed for 30 days from the original scheduled disconnection date to allow member time to make payment or alternative shelter arrangements. The Life Support Program – Medical Necessity Form must be completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee certifying that the disconnection of electric service would create a life-threatening medical situation for the member or other permanent resident of the member’s household. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the form has been approved by MTEMC.


A deposit or suitable guarantee may be required of any member before electric service is supplied. The deposit amount for residential members will be based on credit risk as determined by a credit evaluation from Online Utility Exchange and will not exceed twice the highest estimated monthly bill for the residential rate classification. Residential members will pay a deposit of $300.00, unless evaluated as a low or moderate credit risk. Members with a low credit risk will pay no deposit, and members with a moderate credit risk will pay $150.00. At its sole discretion, MTEMC may allow installment payments for residential deposits. The deposit amount for general power members will not exceed twice the highest estimated monthly bill based on prior billing history. Where a billing history does not exist, the deposit will be estimated based on projected demand and energy loading for the member. Other guarantees deemed acceptable by MTEMC may be accepted in lieu of a deposit at MTEMC’s sole discretion. MTEMC shall have the right to set-off deposits against a member’s account(s). Upon termination of service, MTEMC may apply deposit against unpaid bills of member, and if any balance remains after such application is made, said balance shall be refunded to the member. For residential members, MTEMC may also refund or apply deposit against unpaid bills after the member has made 24 consecutive, on-time monthly payments. Upon written request by the member, or at the discretion of MTEMC, the deposit requirement may be re-evaluated. If member requests any such deposit re-evaluation more than annually, the member may be billed for actual administrative or processing costs. Deposits held more than six (6) months shall earn interest based on local prevailing interest rates for passbook savings accounts, with said interest credited to the member’s account annually.