Special incentive programs

Energy Efficiency

MTEMC offers a variety of energy efficiency incentive programs for commercial and industrial members.

Economic Development

In addition, MTEMC also plays a role in economic development by offering its commercial and industrial members with the following options. 

Valley Investment Initiative

This initiative is an economic development incentive program jointly conducted by TVA and MTEMC. For qualifying members, the Valley Investment Initiative offers incentives for members' continued capital investment, job retention and growth, higher-than-average wages, energy efficiency and power usage characteristics that complement the TVA power system. 

Small Manufacturing Credit

This program is designed to help avoid a potential loss of manufacturing load, which would threaten TVA's ability to keep rates low for all consumers. The credit offers significant power cost savings to qualifying manufacturers, which in turn helps retain manufacturing load in the Tennessee Valley region.

Call your local Key Accounts Coordinator for more information on incentive programs. Some new incentive programs, including interruptible programs, are in development.