Creating a Brighter Future in Middle Tennessee

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Brighter Future program, which will lay the technology foundation for a number of important benefits to our members. We believe these benefits will help create a brighter future for our members through improved reliability, new programs, and new tools and technologies to help members reduce their energy use. As part of this effort, we will be upgrading your electric meter with a new advanced meter at no cost to you. The new meters play a key role in allowing us to offer additional benefits and services to you in the future, including:

  • Improved Reliability: The new technology will help MTEMC pinpoint and respond to outages more effectively, which will be a tremendous benefit to members.
  • Future Member Tools & Services: The new technology will also enable us to be a springboard from which MTEMC can roll out new member services, with an emphasis on tools to help members better manage and control energy use (including new online tools, mobile applications, and energy saving programs).
  • Environmental Benefits: The new infrastructure will provide a better interconnectivity of renewable energy sources, demand response and energy efficiency.

All MTEMC members will receive an upgraded meter. Members will receive information by mail and telephone prior to installation.

To learn more about the new technology coming to you and how to best prepare, read through this website or call (877) 423-3192. You can also read a letter from MTEMC President Chris Jones.