SharingChange is MTEMC’s charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to give back to the communities we serve.

Funds are donated by MTEMC members like you, and 100% of the donations goes to local charities and organizations such as Empower Me Daycamp in Lebanon and Project Healing Waters. Since 2003, Middle Tennessee Electric’s charitable foundations have distributed more than $9 million to more than 580 local organizations.

A group of seven members represent MTEMC's service area serve as the foundation's board. This board makes decisions about disbursements for grant requests. The board members are Bill Brown and Joan Wherley from Williamson County, Mike Waller and Carolyn Peebles from Rutherford County, Becky Vassar from Cannon County and Beth Petty and Doretha Wright from Wilson County.

SharingChange also has partnerships with community help organizations to distribute funds that assist people who, because of hardship, are unable to pay their electric bills.

For more information on SharingChange, or to sign up, simply click this link:

It’s absolutely the easiest good thing, you’ll ever do!