Tree Wise from MTEMC

Tree Wise from MTEMC

This spring, MTEMC is bringing an educational initiative to area schools to teach students about trees.

Classroom curriculum
An MTEMC representative will conduct classroom activities and discussions on how to transport, plant and care for trees. There will also be folders handed out to the students which will include information on vegetation management near power lines and the importance of trees to the environment.

Parental Involvement
The cooperative will have a letter included in the classroom information addressed to parents which talks about the school initiative. The children will also be given a small tree sapling to take home and plant with their families as part of an exercise to use the information they learn from the cooperative's program. Parents are encouraged to participate and assist their children in making it a family learning experience.

MTEMC's Right-of-Way Program
In addition, MTEMC plans to use the initiative as a way to educate the children on why it's so important not to plant tall trees near power lines and discuss the cooperative's tree trimming program. MTEMC's Right-of-Way crews have to cut back or eventually take down trees within the 40-foot right of way (20 feet on each side of a power line). It's MTEMC's hopes the program will teach the children from an early age why it's so important to plant trees in the right place.

Additional Information
Persons interested in learning more about the program or scheduling a time for MTEMC to visit your school can call (877) 414-7685 or email at