Green Power Providers

generation partnersGreen Power Providers provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable generation systems. It creates a market for green power generation by homeowners and businesses. Before purchasing and installing your renewable equipment, here is how you get started……

1. Click on the link below to review the TVA Green Power Providers general requirements

Contact Mandy Pinion at 615-217-5256 for a consultation and forms to begin the application process.

3. Submit the following documents for approval by MTEMC before starting the installation of any equipment:

  • Interconnection application
  • Signed TVA Participation Agreement and MTEMC Interconnection Agreement
  • Nonrefundable $250 fee for residential projects, $500 fee for commercial projects
  • Four wire electric schematic
  • NABCEP certification required (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)
  • Proof of Insurance ($100,000 Personal/Property Liability Policy for systems 10kW DC or less and $1 million for systems greater than 10 KW DC system capacity)
  • Photos of existing metering and proposed placement location of solar metering (Usually the contractor can provide these electronically by e-mail.) 

*Additional feasibility fees and/or existing electric service upgrade costs may be required.
*Projects larger than 50 kW require different application process and fee structure.