Advanced Meters

Advanced Meters


Middle Tennessee Electric has invested in advanced meters to improve the quality and efficiency of the electric systems that serve our members. Our advanced meters have allowed us to:

  • Improve reliability by pinpointing and responding to outages more effectively.
  • Build a technological foundation to enable future tools and services for our members.
  • Provide environmental benefits through interconnectivity of renewable energy sources, demand response and energy efficiency.



Advanced Meters FAQs

Why does MTEMC use advanced meters?

MTEMC is committed to providing affordable, reliable, safe electricity and outstanding service to its members. New technology upgrades, like your advanced meter, help us improve long-term reliability as well as the way we serve you.

What is an advanced meter?

An advanced meter offers wireless communications capabilities between your electric meter and MTEMC. With this wireless communications technology, MTEMC is notified if your power is out before you call us. This is especially important during storms, when outages may occur. Advanced meters allow us to resolve issues much faster, since we no longer have to send trucks out on the road to look for downed poles, or rely strictly on member calls.

Does this affect my cost for electricity?

We installed these new meters as a benefit to our members and you did not see any change in your cost of service.

Does my bill look any different?

No. Your bill does not look any different with your advanced meter.

Are advanced meters the same as smart meters?

Smart meters have become a nickname for meters used in advanced metering infrastructure. We use the technical term advanced meters because that is what they are. They are an advancement in technology and a platform for future enhancements. MTEMC has made investments in upgrading the technology in the distribution grid for many decades. From transformers, to wires, to poles, to substations, we continually work to improve the reliability of your electric service.

Do advanced meters pose any health risks?

At MTEMC we are committed to member safety and security. The advanced meters work on wireless technology called radio frequency, much like your cellular phone, television, and microwave oven.

Is my data secure?

Safety and security of our members is a priority, MTEMC abides by the strictest industry guidelines for data security and privacy. You can rest assured that your information is safe with us.

If I deferred the meter, will MTEMC ever change my electromechanical meter

While we encourage all of our members to have an advanced meter, we also understand some members do not want one. We are in the process of removing all of the electromechanical meters from our system because they can no longer be serviced. Those members who have deferred installation of the advanced meter will receive a digital meter.

Can I ever lose my deferral status

In some circumstances, a member’s deferral of the advanced meter can be revoked. The instances include:

  • If a member is disconnected for non-payment;
  • If the deferred member moves out of the residence where the deferral was originated;
  • Upon the request of the member

If I have an advanced meter and no longer want it, can I have it exchanged for a digital meter?

Yes, a member can ask to have their advanced meter replaced with a digital meter. If a member chooses to do this, there is a $50 meter exchange fee that will be charged.

What happens if theft or tampering of a non-advanced meter is found?

If theft of current or meter tampering is discovered at a property or facility, an advanced meter will be installed without exception.

Why was my non-advanced meter taken for testing?

Non-advanced meters are subject to regular testing. In the event a deferred member’s meter is to be tested, a non-advanced meter will be installed on the property while the meter is off for testing.


Additional Information

Advanced metering technology leverages low amounts of radio frequency (RF) to enhance wireless communications. MTEMC has thoroughly explored the safety of its advanced meters and confers with Federal and International health organizations' guidelines for security standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have all verified the safety and security of RF technology used in advanced meters.

Here are some additional safety facts about advanced meters:

  • Advanced meters are digital meters that have been widely used since the 1980s. The new development is a small 1-watt radio that allows two-way communication between the member and MTEMC. This will help the utility recognize and respond to outages remotely.
  • The amount of RF in your advanced meter is exponentially less than other common appliances in your home.
  • Other RF devices in your home include your cell phone, cordless phone, garage door opener, microwave oven, and even baby monitors.