Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting



About the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is a signature of the cooperative business model. Held by Middle Tennessee Electric since 1936, it is a meeting for the members. It has historically been a time of fellowship, fun and business.

Among the key events at Annual Meeting are voting by members to fill vacating seats of the cooperative’s Board of Directors and a business session, where fiscal year statistical and financial information is highlighted.

As a member of Middle Tennessee Electric, you can expect to see plenty of information about the meeting leading up to the event.

If you have questions about the Annual Meeting, call our Communications and Member Service Department at 877-777-9020

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What is the Annual Meeting and why is it important to attend?

The cooperative's Annual Meeting is one of the many benefits of being a member of an electric cooperative. The meeting, held each year in August, offers members the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors, the CEO, and the co-op's executive staff. Members hear reports on the cooperative's finances and programs, they elect directors and nominating committee members, and hopefully, have some fun along the way.

How can a member run for the Board of Directors?

Board candidates are either nominated by MTEMC's Nominating Committee or they may qualify by a petition, signed by 15 cooperative members. Qualified candidates must be members of the cooperative and must reside in the appropriate representative sub-district of the main district. Members may pick up a nomination petition by going by their local office. For questions, please call MTEMC's Executive Office at 615-494-1597.

When is this year's deadline to qualify to run for election?

Additional nominations for open positions by interested members who qualify can be submitted in writing not less than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Can I vote for candidates in all districts or only the district in which I live?

Co-op members can vote for candidates in all districts. The co-op's service area is divided into four districts that are drawn along MTEMC's service area boundary and county lines. Each district is represented by one to three directors (based upon, among other things, the number of meters in each district). Directors serve staggered terms.

I can't attend this year's Annual Meeting. Can I still vote in the election?

If there is a contested election, voting will be available in all of MTEMC’s offices during normal business hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) the Monday through Friday leading up to the Annual Meeting. Voting is also available the morning of the Annual Meeting during the hours of registration (7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.). If there is not a contested election, voting will be done by a voice vote of affirmation during the business session of the annual meeting. If you can make neither the Annual Meeting nor early voting, you can vote by proxy.

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What is proxy voting?

Proxy voting is a method that allows a member who cannot vote in person designate another member to vote in his or her place.

How do I vote by proxy?

You can receive a proxy vote by contacting MTEMC by phone or going to any office. You would complete the proxy form and then it must be verified by MTEMC (at any local office) by noon the Friday before the Annual Meeting.

How does proxy voting work?

Through the proxy, members assign their vote to another cooperative member of their choice. However, no member can vote any more than one proxy vote. So, if Ms. Jones provides Mr. Gonzales her proxy, Mr. Gonzales can vote Ms. Smith's proxy, his own vote, but he would not be able to vote another proxy.

Can this proxy be used again at future Annual Meetings?

No, the proxy is valid only for the meeting specified on the proxy form.

Can I vote at the Annual Meeting if I sent in a proxy form?

If your proxy has already been voted, our registration system will not permit you to be registered to vote.

What information do I need to bring with me to register at the Annual Meeting?

Ideally, you would bring your registration card mailed to you on the cover of the August edition of The Tennessee Magazine. But you must, at least, have a valid form of identification.

Who administers the Board election?

The Rutherford County Election Commission serves our cooperative as an independent agent, allowing MTEMC board and staff to take a hands-off approach for our election voting processes. MTEMC also employees an independent auditor to tally all voting and declare the results.

What if I have questions about the election at the Annual Meeting?

The cooperative's member service representatives will be staffing the registration desk at the Annual Meeting and can answer any questions.

Can I change my address or do other business at the Annual Meeting?

After you register, MTEMC's member service representatives can help members with most of their co-op business and answer any questions they would normally handle at any of the member service centers or through the Contact Center.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Call our Communications and Member Service Department at 877-777-9020.



Nominating Committee

Each year a new Nominating Committee is elected at the Annual Meeting. Any member can be on the ballot for their district, provided they are not a Director or have not been employed by MTEMC within the last 5 years. The role of the committee is to present candidates to the members to fill Director vacancies for election. Members can pick up a ballot at their local office. They are also able to submit signature petitions to nominate candidates for Directors from their district as well. You can read about how to do so in the bylaws.

You must be elected by the members to be on the Nominating Committee since there can only be as many committee members as there are Directors for your district. This is done at the Annual Meeting and in contested election years, through early voting at our offices during business hours. In order to be on the ballot, you need to submit a signed petition by 5 members in your district 60 days before the Annual Meeting.

District 1

Karen Paris
Donald Lampley
Juanita Patton

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Thomas E. (Teb) Batey II
Jamey Faulkner
Danny Sapp

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Jeanne Melton

District 4

Ken Howell
Zachary Butler
Quintin Smith