Environmentally Responsible Programs

MTE’s commitment to our community environment is one way we’re making your life better. Energy technology has evolved to allow more eco-friendly and renewable options for our members to use in their daily lives. Our distributed energy resources team works with members to provide programs and education to help our members navigate through those options. We continue to make strides in offering renewable energy sources to our members with ongoing commitments and future plans. At MTE, we’re working to be responsible stewards of the environment for future generations while providing reliable energy today. That’s also why we’ve partnered with TVA to bring programs that allow our members to use electricity generated by cleaner, renewable resources such as solar, hydro, wind, and methane gas.

Our team brings years of experience and expertise to help our members as they look for answers about renewable energy technology. Our programs are designed to simplify the process and provide you the knowledge need to make the best decision for your life. Reach out to our DER coordinator to get professional advice or get started with one of our renewable programs.

Cooperative Solar field at sunrise

Cooperative Solar

Local. Green. It's solar made simple.

The Cooperative Solar Project provides members access to renewable energy when they might otherwise be excluded from owning and installing their own solar electricity generation systems. Obstacles like improper roof orientation, excessive roof shading, restrictive subdivision covenants, or landlord prohibitions are often barriers to homeowners and renters who want to install solar systems.

Environment Sustainability

Local options to help the environment

More of the communities MTE serves are undertaking efforts toward "sustainability," which can refer to varied steps toward environmental stewardship, including energy efficiency and conservation. MTE applauds and supports these efforts. Here is more information about efforts about which MTE is currently aware:

To help us promote environmentally beneficial organizations in our communities, please let our Energy Services team know.

Rutherford County Recycling Center

  • Information about Rutherford county's recycling program and efforts.

City of Brentwood Environmental Quality Coordinating Committee

  • Ad hoc committee focused on environmental quality and sustainability in Brentwood.

City of Brentwood Recycling

  • Information about the Brentwood's recycling program and efforts.

City of Franklin Sustainability Commission

  • Among a number of efforts, the city of Franklin boasts a sustainability task force.

City of Franklin Blue Bin Recycling

  • Recycling service provided by the city of Franklin

Keep Williamson Beautiful

  • In addition to working on the Williamson county environment, they also include information about the annual Living Green Expo.

City of Lebanon Beautification Commission

  • Based in Wilson county, this group works toward community preservation in the Lebanon area.

TVA Green Programs

Find a greener solution for your needs.

MTE has partnered with TVA to provide additional renewable energy programs for our members. Our DER coordinator can help you determine which one is right for you based on your needs. If you’ve got questions, we can help. 

Green Switch is a renewable energy initiative that offers consumers in the Tennessee Valley a choice of the type of power they buy. MTE and TVA, working with the environmental community, developed the program to bring green power — electricity generated by cleaner, renewable resources such as solar, wind, and methane gases — to Valley consumers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    • Green Switch is sold to residential consumers in 200-kilowatt-hour blocks (about 12 percent of a typical household's monthly energy use). Each block adds $2 to the customer's monthly power bill. Consumers can buy as many blocks as they want. Green Switch is also marketed to commercial and industrial consumers, who are asked to buy blocks based on the amount of energy they use.
  • Does it benefit the environment?
    • The environmental impacts of energy sources such as coal and natural gas can be significant. Although no source of energy is impact-free, renewable resources create less waste and pollution. In fact, an investment of an additional $8 per month on your power bill buys enough Green Power to equal the environmental benefits of planting an acre of trees in the Tennessee Valley.
  • How green power is produced?
    • TVA built the first commercial wind-powered turbines in the southeastern U.S. on Buffalo Mountain in Anderson County, TN. Solar generation sites are located across the Valley and growing in size to some solar farms being 200MW! Methane gas is providing power at the Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis, where a methane waste by-product from the city's wastewater treatment plant is used for co-firing. The current mix of green power in Green Switch is 70% solar, 20% wind, and 10% biomass.
  • How does the green power get to its subscribers?
    • Physical laws determine where electricity is consumed, so power from these sources will go into TVA's electric system as part of the Valley's total power mix, rather than to individual homes or businesses.
  • How many consumers does Green Switch serve?
    • Approximately 9,000 residential consumers and about 400 businesses have signed up for green power in the Tennessee Valley.

Contact our distributed energy resources coordinator to learn more or to sign up.

More information about the program is also available on TVA's website:

Thousands of businesses and institutions across the nation are purchasing RECs as a way to demonstrate their concrete interest in clean, renewable energy. MTE has partnered with TVA to offer commerical members a chance to purchase RECs through its Green Flex program.

RECs—or renewable energy certificates—represent one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated and added and delivered to the power grid. When you purchase a REC, you are buying the legal right to the renewable energy generated from the energy generator.

Green Flex is a new program that allows businesses and institutions inside the Valley to buy-in. When you buy Green Flex, you are able to make renewable energy claims, which allow you to show your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. The RECs purchased through the program are delivered to the Valley along with the renewable energy, and the cost of the RECs is added to your regular electricity bill.

When you buy Green Flex, you receive multiple benefits:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of your carbon footprint
  • Show your support for renewable energy development
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Generate customer, investor and/or stakeholder loyalty
  • Create positive publicity and enhance your public image
  • Demonstrate significant civic leadership

Green Flex gives your organization the ability to make renewable energy claims, and allow you to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. 

To learn more and sign up, contact our distributed energy resources coordinator or vist


You can now pay for 100% green energy with our latest pilot program at only 1 cent per kilowatt-hour. This new option lets members claim their monthly energy usage was generated by TVA using renewable resources like solar, wind, and biogas. For example, if you use 1,248 kilowatt-hours in a month, we will add $12.48 to your bill, and TVA will generate the same number of kilowatt-hours to the grid using renewable resources.

  • TVA procures renewables to match 100% of the member’s load.
  • This is a total energy solution.
  • All renewable energy is generated in the Tennessee Valley.
  • This is a 12-month pilot program with month-to-month participation.
  • Program consists of 80% solar, 10% wind, 10% biogas.

A large, utility-scale solar program designed for commercial members to meet 100% of their load. This program can help large users meet their internal sustainability goals by partnering with TVA to procure the renewable energy they need with up to a 20-year commitment.

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