As I See It - "Pick A Due Date That Works For You"

Winter officially ended in March, but many Middle Tennessee Electric members haven’t forgotten the prolonged cold temperatures from late December through mid-January. In fact, the cooperative as a whole set a record for consumption during the first month of 2018.

As a result, many MTEMC members used more electricity than normal and saw higher than average bills. Whether it’s unexpectedly cold weather or summer’s hot temperatures that impact bills, your cooperative can provide you tools to help prepare for and deal with higher electricity consumption and its costs.

I hope you have registered for your myMTEMC web portal account and downloaded the mobile app. Within each of these is information about how much energy you’re consuming on a monthly, daily and even hourly basis. This gives you the capability to make almost real-time adjustments to your energy habits, which can ultimately save you money each month.

But there’s another new capability we’re proud to offer that might help you better manage your bill payments. You now can pick a due date that works best for you. In the past, your bill would be generated and sent to you, and it would be due around the same time every month … but the due date itself would fluctuate, making it difficult for some members to budget.

With the new billing system we rolled out last July, you can choose from several due-date options, picking the one that works best for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about picking a due date that works for you, please reach out to our member support specialists. They’ll be happy to work with you in getting set up.

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to ask you to look out for utility workers along roads and highways as you drive this spring and summer. With warmer temperatures, you’ll not only see our linemen performing their jobs, you’ll also see contractors pruning trees and managing vegetation around power lines and along roadways.

Please move over when passing these job sites in order to provide a safe zone as personnel work to ensure the reliability of the grid.

Spring is a fantastic time of year to be in Middle Tennessee, but let’s make sure we enjoy it safely. Check pages 22-23 of the May 2018 Tennessee Magazine for reminders on how to keep safe around electricity in and around your homes.

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