A Powerful Way for MTEMC Members to Tap into Energy Information


Amy Rich has been lending a helping hand to MTEMC members for more than 16 years. Today, she invites them to download the myMTEMC mobile app to discover all the information and tools available for becoming more energy efficient and finding ways to reduce their electric bills. 

“There’s so much we want to do to help members and this app is just one great example,” she says. “The mobile app puts tons of information at your fingertips, in a way that’s super easy to access and interpret.” Yes, it’s all about taking powerful and complex technology and making it user-friendly. In fact, using the app for ongoing things like checking your power usage in real time will become second nature. 

Amy Rich, Member Support Coordinator 

A story to illustrate the app’s usefulness starts with a member calling Rich with a concern about high energy bills even though he was not home much due to travel for work. She taught him how to use the app to chart his energy usage daily, and they found that something was drawing energy every four hours. Rich suggested it might be his hot water heater and the member agreed. Today, he is able to enjoy significant savings by turning it off when he’s not at home. Yes, it was the app that gave him this insight. 

“With the winter high bill season coming, more and more members will use the app to help them save on their electricity bills. It’s something everyone can do,” according to Rich. She has helped many members get comfortable with the easy-to-use app. 

The robust myMTEMC app is both easy and free, what better combination can you ask for? Download it today to get started. And, if you need help, you know who’s just a quick phone call away, our friend Amy Rich and the Member Support Team.

Visit https://www.mtemc.com/mymtemc for a link to download the myMTEMC app from iTunes or Google Play.

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