Is PrePay Right for You?


Tamara Gwyn has been employed by MTEMC since 2011 and is currently a Member Support Coordinator in our Murfreesboro office. She is happy to be able to offer the customized billing option, PrePay, and says, “It’s a reliable option that members enjoy.” Tamara has noticed that many people don’t understand this form of bill payment simply because they don’t know how it works. That’s why she’s here to help.

Tamara Gwyn, Member Support Coordinator

Once you’ve enrolled in PrePay, Tamara says, “You’ll need to start with a minimum balance in your account. This allows you to pay in advance rather than a lump sum every month for energy already used. This gives you budgeting control, freedom, and independence. For these reasons, PrePay is particularly well-suited for members whose workplace pays them once a week because it lets them budget smaller payments at the time of their choosing. In fact, the ability to manage their account and their payments is one of the most common reasons members use PrePay.”

As a consumer-focused and member-owned electric cooperative, we are passionate about good service. This means providing safe, reliable and affordable power and offering programs that meet your needs.

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