What kind of smart home presents should members buy to improve energy efficiency?


With the holidays approaching, here some smart home technologies that can keep giving throughout the year by reducing your electric bill.

Turn your dumb water heater into a smart one. Stop heating water all day and night when you don’t need to. Water heaters are energy hogs that eat up kilowatt-hours, they can be easy to ignore because these appliances are usually hidden in a closet or tucked away in the corner of your garage. Control your water heater with the Aquanta Water Heater Controller. With an easy to use app and easy installation, it’s sure to keep giving all year long.

Have a central air conditioning unit? Smart thermostat products have been available for some time and can save you big time. They have easy-to-use apps that can learn your schedule so “programming” your thermostat will be a thing of the past. Heating and cooling are the biggest electrical loads in most homes. Having precise control and reports on your unit’s performance and run time can save hundreds of dollars over the years. It’s a must-have.

If you haven’t already been switching over to LED lights, take a look into smart LED lights. These lights can be controlled from your phone and offer thousands of different lighting variations. Not to mention, they are very energy efficient and most can be turned on or off from anywhere through their apps or with voice control.

Smart home “hub” devices can often control hundreds of smart electronic products through hand or voice control. It is the centerpiece for a true smart home. Not only can the hub help you save energy by turning things on and off, but it can help “schedule” the use of certain devices, such as lighting, HVAC systems, etc. The smart home hub may even help you remember appointments, determine what you need to wear that day, even help you avoid congested traffic on the way to work.

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