Why is there a coupon on the back of my bill? Is MTEMC selling advertising now?

The coupon on the back of the bill is a courtesy of the company it is for, provided as a value to the members of MTEMC. The cooperative does not sell advertising for that space, nor are there plans to do so. Each coupon is for members to save on energy efficient products and MTEMC receives nothing for those products or from those companies. The cooperative does not endorse a particular product or company that is listed.

How do I report an outage now?

To report an outage, you can call 1-877-777-9111, or you can also report it through your myMTEMC mobile app or web portal.

Why did you make all these changes?

As the cooperative continues to grow, so does the need for better information availability to the membership. These enhancements are ways we can provide a higher level of member satisfaction for the majority of our members.

Who is paying for all these changes? Should I expect a rate increase now?

All of these changes are within the normal operating budget of the cooperative. There will not be a rate increase with regards to these changes.


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