The Power of Excellent Member Services - Finding Ways to help for 31 years

When Trina Martin was a little girl, she helped out her dad in his appliance store. She often became annoyed at her dad when he rather casually allowed some destitute customers to get behind on their bills. Then, she realized something that has stuck with her through her 31 years with MTEMC: Her dad got more pleasure and satisfaction from putting a smile on people’s faces than he did from collecting bills.

Home Energy Audit - A Powerful Way to Save Money

As your trusted energy advisor, MTEMC is always offering tips and advice on how to get the most out of your electricity while also saving some money with home energy audits. Out of our professional energy service coordinators, Don Shoults, Lynn Borum, Phillip Price and Tim Suddoth, have more than 120 years of combined experience. Energy advisor Lynn Borum, says, “Most people measure their jobs by what they make, we measure ours by what we save.”

Tennessee Valley Linemen Rodeo 2018

This year, MTEMC hosted the 21st annual Tennessee Valley Lineman Rodeo on June 29 and 30th at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro. The Tennessee Valley Lineman Rodeo is a competitive event started in 1998 by and for the employees of Tennessee Valley Authority power distributors. Hundreds of linemen scaled new heights, proving that performing tasks at 40 feet in the air isn’t easy! Participants were judged on safety procedures, work practices, ability, equipment handling and timely completion.

SharingChange Scholarships Changes Lives

Each year, MTEMC’s SharingChange foundation funds ten $2,000 scholarships for students in our cooperatives service area. Students complete an application form and write an essay stating how the scholarship would benefit them. The scholarship applicants are judged on a point system, which includes a financial needs assessment, grade point average, community involvement, service leadership and an essay score. 

MTEMC meets community needs all year long

Among the benefits of electric cooperative membership, one shines brightly at this time of year: Concern for Community.

One of the Seven Cooperative Principles by which Middle Tennessee Electric operates, community concern is important as we strive to be more than a power supplier. On pages 22 and 23 of the November issue of The Tennessee Magazine, readers can find examples of our commitment in action.