What line crew safety hazards do members create when installing DER tech without proper standards?

Distributed energy resources (DER) are easier than ever to obtain today via the web and with the enormous number of DIY kits, videos, and how-to’s out there. Unfortunately,  some folks risk installing these technologies without being aware of the danger posed to MTE employees. Solar panel kits, wind turbines and generators, to name a few, that are improperly installed can seriously injure linemen and other crew members, not to mention homeowners and residents. This is a growing problem.

What should members expect from electric vehicles and how can MTE assist members with EVs?

MTE is fully aware of the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). We are currently in the final phase of a two-year data collection pilot program, “Smart Charge Nashville.” At the conclusion of this pilot, we should have a firm strategy when it comes to EVs. Right now, we can offer advice and knowledge to those of our membership who wonder if an EV is a good investment for them.

After The Storm - Safety is # 1

Nothing is normal after a storm.

Be aware of your surroundings by looking up, down, around, and out when moving around storm damage.

You should be aware of the many safety hazards that occur following a destructive storm or natural disaster. We've compiled a few things related to electricity that you should be aware of:

​​​​​​​DIY: How to control and reduce holiday lighting power costs

National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation,” a 1989 comedy classic, featured a main character named Clark Griswold (actor Chevy Chase) whose fixation was on making his house the best decorated in the neighborhood. Through trials and tribulations that included rat nests of light strings, extension cords snaking everywhere, falling off the roof, non-working switches and wiring confusion, the moment finally arrived when he beheld 25,000 bulbs come blindingly to life and cause a citywide power shortage.

Distributed Energy Resources Are Here to Stay: A Look into the Future

We have been hearing for years, even decades, that solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles will disrupt the traditional utility model and industry. The utility world is changing at a rapid pace, and we have a decision to make: Change with it or be left behind. You may not already know it, but our members have a choice when it comes to where they get energy. They do not have to buy their power from Middle Tennessee Electric (MTEMC). They do not have to lose power when the grid goes down. They can be grid-independent, and it’s due to the proliferation of distributed energy (DE).

Spring Into Storm Season Safely

We think about weather a lot. Extreme temperatures (like those in January) mean higher electric consumption, so we’re always mindful of those impacts on our members. We work to inform and encourage members about using electricity wisely. We want you to be comfortable when it is cold (or hot), but we also encourage you to be especially mindful of overall usage during those times and how your consumption determines future bills.