Energy Efficiency

What line crew safety hazards do members create when installing DER tech without proper standards?

Distributed energy resources (DER) are easier than ever to obtain today via the web and with the enormous number of DIY kits, videos, and how-to’s out there. Unfortunately,  some folks risk installing these technologies without being aware of the danger posed to MTE employees. Solar panel kits, wind turbines and generators, to name a few, that are improperly installed can seriously injure linemen and other crew members, not to mention homeowners and residents. This is a growing problem.

Home Energy Audit - A Powerful Way to Save Money

As your trusted energy advisor, MTEMC is always offering tips and advice on how to get the most out of your electricity while also saving some money with home energy audits. Out of our professional energy service coordinators, Don Shoults, Lynn Borum, Phillip Price and Tim Suddoth, have more than 120 years of combined experience. Energy advisor Lynn Borum, says, “Most people measure their jobs by what they make, we measure ours by what we save.”