unMetered Podcast

unMetered Podcast


Here at Middle Tennessee Electric, we are constantly looking at new ways to provide information to our members and the communities that we serve, about things going on at the co-op.

Our blog and podcast is our latest channel that members can get information from.

“As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we exist solely to serve our members,” said Chris Jones, our  president and CEO. “We are hoping these new avenues of communication help us to further provide information to members and better engage with them.”

We’re calling it “Unmetered.” We’ll cover important topics like electrical safety and energy efficiency, but also showcase our commitment to our communities. Members can get to know more about the leadership of the cooperative and the opportunities that we provide for them to get involved.

“Eighty years ago, we brought power to the underserved areas of Middle Tennessee,” said Jones. “Then, communication lines were much different, but now, we have the ability to quickly provide information that is important to employees, and we continue to build on that storied history for the foreseeable future.”

The podcast, both audio and video versions, will be available through most podcast services, such as iTunes and Google Play. If you want to see the video of each podcast, you can find it on our YouTube channel or blog.

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